Radiation Protection Section


Radiation Protection Department (RPD) at the Directorate General of Disease Control and Control / Department of Environmental and Occupational Health was established in (2015/67) to become the body responsible for :

  1. Issuing guidelines, standards, policies and laws for radiation protection in the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  2. Training of workers in the field of radiation protection in coordination with the     competent departments.
  3. Supervising the application of radiation protection program in health institutions.
  4. Monitor occupational radiation exposure in the work environment, maintain records of health workers for radiation exposure and provide measurements of occupational exposure doses.
  5. Participate in the inspection and control of quality control of radiological devices through the work of periodic tests.  more >>

The application of the highest quality standards in preventive and control procedures in the health facilities in the Sultanate in the areas of the use of ionizing radiation in the medical field in the diagnosis and treatment.

The Department of Radiation Protection shall undertake all regulatory and supervisory tasks related to the use of radiation sources and devices in the health facilities in the Sultanate in a manner that ensures the safety and safety of workers and patients as well as property and environment from the dangers of ionizing radiation.

To unify the efforts established to regulate and activate the supervision of health facilities in order to provide the highest levels of radiation protection for workers, patients and the environment at the national level.
 Develop an effective radiation protection roadmap for the Sultanate to overcome the challenges in an orderly and integrated manner.
The development of a clear strategic path over the coming years consists of a number of strategic objectives and a number of general objectives related to the application of the highest quality standards in preventive and control measures in health facilities in the Sultanate.

Radiation Protection

The damage ranges from the stage of redness and irritation of the skin, to the loss of vital functions or cancer, upon exposure to radiation for a long time, so the cells are unable to repair themselves, and the exposure of a pregnant woman to small amounts of radiation causes deformities of the fetus, especially in the brain.

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