Establishing health fitness examination centers

The latest international specifications and standards in the medical fitness examination for expatriate workers working in Oman

Expats are Dangers

Emphasizing the importance of examining workers coming to work in the Sultanate and on all sectors limits the entry of infectious diseases to the Sultanate

Medical examinations for expatriates outside the Sultanate

The accreditation of centers for examining expatriate workers abroad led to a reduction in the recruitment of inappropriate workers to work healthily

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Health Fitness Test Centers Affairs Section


He coordinates with the concerned authorities of the Executive Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in implementing the programs for arrivals screening for infectious diseases, in addition to participating in supervising accredited medical examination centers in Asian countries and others.

The department also participates in the inspection of accredited health institutions inside the Sultanate to conduct medical examinations for workers in the private sector and supervise medical examination centers. Among the department’s tasks is to organize workshops and training courses for doctors and technicians working in the medical examination departments in the Sultanate.


Supervising employment inspection centers

Statistics and reports

Guidance and raising awareness

Coordination with the Executive Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council states on the implementation of immigration screening programs

The monthly and yearly statistics of expatriate labor inspection centers in the Sultanate reflect the size of risks faced by these open centers on different gates of infectious diseases coming from abroad. These centers play the cornerstone of filtering cases and taking the necessary measures to prevent their entry into the Sultanate.

Number of Residents Examined 2015-2018
Number of Diseases Cases Detected Between 2015-2018

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