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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health lowers mortality and morbidity at work

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Radiation Protection

Develop guidelines, standards, policies for MoH in cooperation with concerned authorities.

Environmental Health

Develop policies, strategies and action plans in environmental health.

Poison Control Center

Develop national policies and strategies on poison control and prevention.

Injury Prevention

Develop rules and regulations for injury prevention and control.

Occupational Health

Assist in developing OHS policies, strategies and action plans in close collaboration & coordination with Ministry of Manpower.

Medical Waste

Develop policies, strategies, action plans, and training programs in HCWM and also conduct research in the field.

Disability Evaluation

Develop policies for medical committees to determine fitness of workers & medical disability.

Fitness Centers

Implements the program to examine expatriate workers for infectious diseases in coordination with concerned national and GCC authorities.

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