Training Program for Family Physician in Environmental and Occupational Health

The DEOH annually organise a two week training program for Family and Community Physicians in environmental and Occupational health and medicine with the support of Oman Medical Speciality Board. This training is recognized as part of community health rotation for the Family physician. The program is held in the DEOH main building in AL Wattya and covers many topics in the field of environmental and occupational Health and medicine.

In Eastern Mediterranean region it is estimated that around 19- 25% of total burden of diseases are due to environmental exposure and the work-related injuries and illnesses are also common.  In Oman, the preliminary statistics shows that the prevalence occupational injuries are high. Despite of all these facts, the training in the field of environmental and occupational medicine has traditionally received limited emphasis in the medical school curriculum. + More

Annual National Workshop on the Management of Common Poisonings 30/August 2008


The First Regional Training of Trainers Workshop for National Injury Focal Points of Priority Countries using TEACH-VIP Curriculum 1st- 5th March 2008, Muscat, Oman

A five day training of trainers’ course was organized by WHO/EMRO in Muscat, Oman targeting public health and academia experts on injury and violence prevention representing nine Member states. Among the thirty participants there were experts from Royal Oman Police, Oman Ministry of Education as well as Representatives of UNICEF and UNFPA in Oman (Annex A list of Participants). The workshop was inaugurated by His Excellency Advisor Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Jaffar; who thanked the Regional Director for his efforts in supporting injury prevention efforts in Oman as well as the region especially in providing technical support for both human and institutional capacity building. WHO Representative for Oman inaugurated the workshop on behalf of Regional Director who in his message while highlighting the rising burden of injuries particularly road traffic injuries and the heavy human and economic loss acknowledged the role of Sultanate of Oman in putting Road Safety high on the global agenda. Moreover, Oman WHO Representative launched on behalf of the Regional Director the Arabic translation of TEACH-VIP curriculum in the inaugural session witnesses by high media coverage. The workshop was facilitated by VIP Global Coordinator/MO/VIP in WHO/HQ, RA/HLP and MO/HLP from WHO/EMRO, and Three WHO Short Term Consultants from Oman, Egypt, and Pakistan.

The Objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. Train the Injury Prevention Public Health Specialists/ programme Managers for better planning and implementation of injury related initiatives at the national levels using WHO-TEACH-VIP  Curriculum;
  2. Make use of the existing experiences in the region and elsewhere for capacity building in Injury Prevention and Control; and
  3. Guide the Public Health Specialists/ programme managers on how to use TEACH-VIP curriculum in different settings.


Orientation Workshop about Environmental and Occupational Health Services :North Batinha 8 April 2009

Orientation Workshop
Environmental and Occupational Health Program
North Al Batinah Region
8 April 2009

Protecting Population Health from Environmental and Occupational - related Diseases.







Dr Salim

Objectives of the workshop

9:30 -10:00

Dr Issa

Introduction to the Environmental and Occupational Health( program, basics concepts) 





Dr Sailm

Air Quality and Health


Dr Issa

Occupational health in Oman





Dr Salim

Poisoning control centre, chemical safety


Dr Reem

   Taking Environmental and Occupational History



Injury situation in Oman, Electronic notification form for injuries






National workshop on Environmental Health Assessment 26  April 2009


National Training workshop on Environmental Health Aspects of Occupational Health Personnel  June 27 -29 2009  


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