Celebration of the  World Day for Health and Safety at Work 28 April .

2011 Celebration:-

Activities in Oman related to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2011


Type of activities :


  1. One Day National Smeminar On Occupational Safety And Health Promoting For The 2011 Theme , Health And Safety Exihibition.

  2. Conducting A Course On Wokplace Chemical Exposure

    Short Description Of Activity:

 All Employees, Employer, Public Were Invited To Attend A One Day Seminar About Occupational Health And Safety. The Seminar Highlighted The Followings :

  1. 2011 Theme , Ohs Management System A Tool For Continual Improvement
  2. Road Traffic Accident In Workplace
  3. Role Of Public Defense In Ohs
  4. National Insurance System In Public Authority For Social Insurance
  5. The Regulations For Osh In Oman
  6. Occupational Injuries In Dhakila Region, Current Situation
  7. Ohs System In One Of The Local Company As Example Of Good Ohs
  8. The Associated  Exhibition Was Orginzed To Raise Awarenss About  Ohs Through Deminstration And Distribution Of Many Ohs Educational Materials Including The Ilo Publications For World Day For Health And Safety At Work  2011.


The Course About Chemical Exposure At Workplace Was Organized To Raise Awareness About Chemical Exposure And Evulation Of That Exposure. The Course Was Organized With The Help Of  Sesric - The Statistical, Economic And Social Research And Training Centre For Islamic Countries On 25-26 April 2011.


Organized by:

Department of Environmental and Occupational health, Ministry of Health, Oman, &  Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry & public authority for industrial regions

Date and Place:
Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nizwa Branch  27 April 2011 ,  Nizwa , Sultanat of Oman


  1. Ministry of health, department of Environmental and Occupational Health
  2. Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  Nizwa Branch
  3. Public Authority for Industrial Regions, Nizwa branch
  4. Ministry of Manpower
  5. Public authority  for Social Insurance
  6. Directorate general of health services, Dhakilia Region
  7. public defense authority, Nizwa branch
  8. oxidential Oman
  9. public
  10. workers from Nizwa
  11. employers
  12. local compaiens and factory representative


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Celebration of the  World Day for Health and Safety at Work 28 April .

2010 Celebration:-
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2009 Celebration:-
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2008 Celebration:-

Raising awareness among different sectors and at all levels is a very important issue that is always put on focus.The “World Day for Safety and Health at Work” was successfully celebrated for the second time in the Sultanate of Oman.  In order to strengthening the inter-sectoral cooperation which is one of the most important elements in public health practice, this year celebration was planned to come under the umbrella of the National Occupational Health and Safety Committee.  All sectors represented in the Committee from both governments and private sectors were involved in the celebration. However, to spread the message of this important event, all regions in Oman were requested to activate the celebration. 

At central level, a workshop was organized at the Holiday in Muscat on 28 April 2008 which was attended by officials from the government and private sectors. The celebration was under the auspicious of H. E. Al-Sayed Hamad bin Hilal Al-Busaidi, Undersecretary of Manpower. Presentations around the theme" managing risk in the work environment" were conducted by Experts from Ministry of Health (MOH), Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Reem Battries.

There was also an Exhibition of occupational safety and health education materials (posters, books, etc.) and safety instruments participated by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Occidental of Oman, Oman LNG,  Royal Oman Police (ROP), PDO, Mohamed Al Brwani company and 

Regionally, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work was also celebrated all over the Sultanate. One of the most successful events is the celebration held by Directorate General of Health Affairs in Al Dahira Region which was adopted by the Wiliyate Health Committee. This celebration was under the auspicious of H.E. Dr Ahmed bin Abdullqader Al Ghasani, Under the Secretary of Health Affairs. Along with the workshop organised, there was a walkathon participated by more than 750 people from the region.

In all events, there was extensive media coverage of the celebration. In order to reach a wide range of Omani population, the theme message of 2008 World Day for Safety and Health at Work was featured on Oman TV, and aired twice on radio, and covered by Arabic newspapers - Oman Arabic, Al-Shabiba, and Al-Watan.

The full support and cooperation from among the participating sectors have contributed greatly to the success of celebration in Oman; thus, intersectoral cooperation should continually be strengthened to raise the public profile of Occupational Safety and Health in the Sultanate of Oman

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2007 Celebration:-

The “World Day for Safety and Health at Work” was successfully celebrated in the Sultanate of Oman at the Crowne Plaza Muscat on 28 April 2007 and attended by officials from the Government and private sectors. Presentations were conducted by Experts from World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Manpower (MMP), Royal Oman Police (ROP), Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI), and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). There was also an Exhibition of health education materials (posters, books, etc.) on Occupational Safety and Health participated by Ministry of Manpower, Royal Oman Police (ROP), Public Authority on Social Insurance (PASI), along with PDO, OPAL, Shell Oman Marketing Company, Occidental of Oman, and Sohar Refinery Company. Download Related Resources.

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Cerebration of the World Health Day: Protecting Health From Climate Change, 7th of April 2008

The World Health Organization (WHO) marks its anniversary on the 7th of April every year as the World Health Day; and this year’s theme was ‘Protecting Health from Climate Change’. In order to spread the word and to contribute positively in making real changes in our environments and work places, the Ministry of Health represented by DEOH has carried out a wide range of functions and activities.

These are some of them:-

  1. Official ceremony on the day of the event under the auspices of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs:
  2. Program included opening speeches, honoring financial sponsors, having an art gallery; and an exhibition for displaying and distributing related written materials.
  3. Sending SMSs to Oman mobile and Nawras customers: e.g. Nawras sent 1 million messages.
  4. Displaying 20 large posters con the sides of streets in Muscat. 
  5. Having several talks on TV and radio.
  6. Muscat City Center event organized a 2 days' long educational and fun activity in collaboration with WHO, Climate Change Count Down, Environmental Society of Oman, and Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.
  7. Activities included:
  8. an art exhibition
  9. short educational quizzes
  10. distribution of T-shirts
  11. displaying and distribution of educational materials
  12. having live quizzes (Al-Wisal FM radio station, which covered the event live from 4 – 8 pm on both days)
  13. collecting pledges

National Workshop for Development of National Strategy for Worker Health in Oman 21-22 January 2009

A two days multi-sectoral national workshop on developing a national strategy for occupational health and safety in Oman was held on 21-22 January 2009 with the support of WHO. The aim of this workshop was to develop a framework for the National Strategy of Occupational Health and Safety in Oman.

National Workshop on Protecting Health from Climate change