About the department

The Environmental and Occupational Health is essential part of health care system in Oman. Environmental and Occupational Health Department was established for the purpose of studying and evaluating the environmental and occupational hazards that affects human health and to implement the necessary preventing measures to protect from encountering the related diseases.


Quality environmental and Occupational Health Services for all Population  


Protecting  Population Health from occupational and environmental- related diseases

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Capacity Building

- Basic Concept

  • Inter-sectoral approach
  • Public Health Advocacy
  • Evidence-Based Public Health:
  • Most of the injuries are cut wound.

  • WHO Global Plan Of Action for Worker Health (2007-2012)
  • National strategy for Occupational Health and Safety in Oman
  • National Guideline for Health Impacts Assessment
  • National guideline for Development of Injury Surveillance System
  • National Guideline for Drinking Water Quality

- System Development

  • Establishment of Occupational Health and safety Committee
  • Regulations and laws: issuing the Regulation of Occupational Safety and health for establishments governed by the labour law (Ministerial decision 286/2008), integration of occupational health in public health law
  • National Injury Surveillance System
  • Committees for accident and injury investigations, revision of Occupational diseases list and disability assessment.
  • Development of a medical surveillance for all job (per-employment medical checkup, periodic, exposure and termination checkup).

- Human Resources Development

  • Occupational Health Conference 11-13 December 2006
  • National Training Course in Occupational Health 17-21 December
  • Bachelor Degree in industrial Hygiene in Higher Technical College (September 2009).
  • 2 weeks Training Course for Family and community Resident (31January -11 February 2009) , approved by Oman Medical Specialty Board
  • 1 month Rotation of A&E Residents in Poisoning Control Center Oman Medical Specialty Board
  • On-job training for MOH staff (Doctors, Nurses, health inspectors), Guidelines
  • Regional workshop for TEACH VIP (WHO Curriculum for injury and Violence prevention and safety promotion) 1-5 March 2008
  • 3 National workshops for Development of Injury surveillance System

- Inter-sectoral collaboration

  • National
    • participation in more than 40 National Committees related to Environmental and Occupational Health e.g.. Occupational health and safety Committee
    • National NGO such as Oman Environmental Protection Association

  • GCC:  GCC Committee of occupational health and safety (first meeting was held in Muscat 27-28 March 2007)

  • International:  WHO, ILO,CEHA, other

- Awareness Raising

  • Muscat Declaration for Occupational Health 17 December 2006
  • Celebration of World Day for Safety and Health 28 April 2007 and 2008
  • Incorporation of occupation health in school curriculum (chapter in OH in 11 class Mahrat Hyattya Book)
  • Chapter in Facts for Life Book
  • Participation in National conference ( e.g.. OH in the learning institutions)
  • Health education materials
  • Media awareness

- Research and Risk Assessment e.g..

  • Lead Poisoning in Children
  • Health effects of dumping site
  • Country Profile of OH in Oman
  • Occupational Injury in Oman in 2006, 2007
  • Lead Poisoning in Battery Workers
  • Incidence of Noise Induced hearing Loss in Oman
  • Risk Assessment of health Hazards :

  • e.g. mushroom Farm in Barka, Ministry of Commerce laboratory, exposure of formaldehyde in Police Mortuary, Occupational and environmental exposure in cement factory

- Health Promotion at workplace

  • Incorporation of the concept of health promotion at workplace in the Regulation of Occupational Safety and health for establishments governed by the labour law
  • Special chapter about healthy workplace: chapter 2

  • Article 26:the work place must be supportive to general health by adoption of the following:
    1. Promoting healthy food and physical activity in workplace
    2. banning of smoking in the workplace
    3. enhancing psychological health by supporting the worker adaptation to new work environment
  • Adoption of Healthy work place initiative